Sunday, January 26, 2014

What is Bitcoin and how to make money without mining

Lately, the whole world is one of the represented digital currency Bitcoin. 
Bitcoin is the currency  which you can buy in lots to the world, you can sell it at any time. Recently the value of one bitcoin was over $ 1000. Actual price is just over $ 800 per Bitcoin.
The most effective way to earn a Bitcoin is  "mining". Mining requires a computer with an AMD graphics card and a good power supply.
We will not talk about mining.

Bitcoin is possible to make  without mining.

First you need a bitcoin wallet that you will get your Bitcoin. To make  the wallet CLICK HERE .
Now you  need to fill in your details and create an account, and then verify it with your mobile phone for safety. After this, you should open your first bitcoin address.
How to do this see on picture.

There bitcoin address used at all sites to receive the money.
Since your wallet made ​​time to get your first bitcoin.
CLICK HERE and enter your mobile number and your new bitcoin address.
When you receive a code , enter it and your wallet will find a first bitcoin.

If you decide to continue to collect free Bitcoin recommend you THIS SITE There you can take a free Bitcoin every hour. 

Registration is very simple, Data to be entered is on photo.
Another good site for the collection of bitcoin is You can take every hour  Free Bitcoin.

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